Art of Big Waste 1.0

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68 x 74 cm incl frame 

I would like to thank everyone who collected their empty cigarette packs (in good condition) for me! 💙 This self-made recycled canvas is made with 108 empty packages. If you want to paint a butt with a cigarette in it ofc you need a real life model so I could see and sketch the proportions. I won’t tell you who the model was 😉 The packages can still be seen through the thin acrylic paint. In this case I paint thinly so that the background still plays a major role in the painting. The transparent packages are a reference to: Remembering that beautiful pictures on social media can simply have ugly content. For example, a fake happy photo or completely photoshopped images. You shouldn’t believe all the pictures, but look through them. It can be really harmful, especially for my generation and younger. It was a very fun and long-lasting project. If you want to be part of the next project, empty cigarette packs can be donated to me ❤️ I’m already working on number 2 of this collection.

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