july 2 till july 7th 2024
solo expo arti pop

Kruisstraat 16 ‘s-Hertogenbosch Arti Pop Gallery

An exhibition with all my most recent acrylic paintings. Prices vary. A theme with a recognizable style. Art on canvases but also on recycled surfaces.

23th March 2023 auction and exhibition
Fee & Koos Brugwachtershuisje

In collaboration with Sluismeesterzijn. An auction for charity: Stichting Weeshuisjes. I have renovated five of Koos's paintings and all five have been sold. The money was raised to renovate Koos' house and support Koffietent De Camping.

opening december 7th 2023
Art in duketown

Be welcome at our first edition of the pop-up exhibition Art in Dukwtown. Artists:

Laser3.14, Perishable Rush, Lily Pavlova, Fee Henkelman, Frank Willems. Opening: Thursday 7 Desember 2023. 19:00 - 22:00

Snellestraat 17a & Stoofstraat 6 (voltaire), Den Bosch. The show will run intil 14 January 2024. Opening time: Thursday to Sunday 12:00 - 17:00

secret exhibition

(closed) April 11th 2023 19:00 Vughterstraat 's-Hertogenbosch

Artists: Donna Sophia, Fee Henkelman, Frank Willems

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